Monday, May 01, 2006

Bizarre Animal Warfare

I think I have pink eye.

I blame the pink petalled cherry blossoms at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Sorry I missed your party, Poop! Going to the doctor's tomorrow.

From an e-mail this afternoon:
"...speaking of my hand hurting-that reminds me-did i tell you the squirell (sp?-so you don't correct me again!!) story? [this girl] had a big scar on her hand [so] asked her what happened and she said she got in a fight with a squirell. i proceeded to ask her if she'd gotten a rabies shot...and what happened... [if] the fight with the squirell occur while she was throwing out the garbage. She looked at me like i had 10 heads."



Anonymous said...

turns out the girl that told my friend that she got attacked by a squirrel was joking.

I believed it though because I figured that something like that could happen.


Anna said...

I'm so MAD you weren't at Poop's party. You had best be around next time I'm in the city!

Anonymous said...