Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'm a hustla, homey!: That's so freakin weird!

Busy getting ducks in a row.

How are you, dear reader?

Wear fake pearls and fake pearl shoes without a hint of irony. Is that bad?

My 'fro is growin and I don't have any money to get it cut.

Went to a press conference in one of the city parks even though I personally am not trying to make a difference.

Going out for lunch... maybe tomato soup...or I might just stay here and eat that packet of oatmeal that was meant for breakfast.


Anonymous said...

I am so torn. Should I run home to watch Sonic Youth and their daughter Coco Hailey Gordon Moore on the Gilmore Girls or should l go to a party and get a gift bag????


Jenny said...

dear yummi:

last night i missed GG's season finale. i'm furious with myself. i also found out that the creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, will be leaving the show. aaargh! GG will be on the new CW network next year. even worst.

i hope you chose to rush home and watch GG yesterday.

yummicoco said...

OMG!!! Can I get a witness???!!! I know, aeki, what a tragedy! Those fuckers did a Kevin Williamson on the Palladinos! Fuck CW!!!

I am totally going to watch it anyway.