Monday, March 27, 2006



-Saw V for Vendetta

-Went to Flux Box in Long Island City

-Ate delicious vegan at Gobo last Thursday and at some place in Chinatown- I think I might be vegetarian.

-My computer stand broke in half.

-Sax loves to teach the kids "Dirty Grrlz". He tried to teach it to one of his students yesterday while her New Zealand dad passed out on out couch.

-Was riveted by Munich but cut it short to watch Sopranos. Why didn't he just die?

-Sax friend Issac came over just in time to watch Big Love and talk polygamy.

Yummi: Which brings us to the reason why we invited you here...

He looked visible uncomfortable. I am not the best at comedic delivery.

See ya at the Bust party!


Jenny said...

how was v for vendetta? a shaven natalie portman is slowly growing on me. i hear that the writer of the graphic novel wanted nothing to do with the movie. should i read the graphic novel before seeing this film??

i still haven't seen big love. all i know is the love of my life, chloe sevigny, has a role in it and i must watch it by any means necessary.

Anonymous said...

yeah chloe is cool in big love... she always comes off so glamourous in everything she does...even a show about polygamy.

natalie had hair for most of the movie so the hype about the bald head was a PR move all the way. She looks good bald though!