Thursday, February 02, 2006

Since I gave the plunger away: I am not trying to tell you how to do your job

Since giving the plugger away to a neighbor cuz I was grossed out, I was forced to go to another neighbor to borrow his plunger. Why? Because I don't know where the first neighbor lives! You know why? Cuz, I don't know my neighbors at all! I am an antisocial neighbor who does not know jack shit about using a plunger.

Neighbor Joel (found out name upon return of plunger) has a record collection. I thought cool.

Yummicoco: We have a big record collection too. What kind of stuff do you have?

Joel: A lot of techno... some Motown.

Guess he is a DJ. Did not ask.

Anyway, my toliet exploded with Feline Pine and cat shit yesterday. I was by myself as Sax was with his jazz dork friends playing jazz.

Water was everywhere! Stella the cat was snooping around as the water overflowed onto the floor. I was still in my work clothes and blue Rite-Aid slippers.

I used an old brita container catch the overflowing water and used the Sunday times and have of The Onion to clean up the wet mess.


I am a big dork at work! Since yesterday, two people have prefaced their comments to me with "not trying to tell you how to do your job but..."

Ok, I know I suck!

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