Monday, January 30, 2006

You caught me in a compromising position.

So, a couple of nights after WYSIWYG, Sax's friend Issac asked us if we had a nail file to borrow just as he was about to enter our bathroom. Sax asked why. Issac gave a crass response having to do with having crust semen stains on his pants. Then our neighbor knocked on our door asking to borrow our plunger. Gross! As soon as the neighbor returned with plunger, I told him that he could have it.

Neighbor: Well I wiped it off.

Yummicoco: Its ok. You can have it.


Early morning found me in a compromising position when cousin called. Moments like that I am never sure if I should answer but I did....

Yummicoco: I'll call you back.

That night, met up with Aeki at Odessa. Met her nice friend who is a spitting image of Peter Brady.

Peter Brady: Not that this really means anything but I love getting to play with black people. I mean, the kind of music I grew up listening to was made by black people.

My white male ambassador, Sax, thought his fellow compatriot's comment funny, explaining that he was just excited.

Later, went to a Chinese New Year party at a luxury condo in Williamburg where I met a cool Swiss alto sax player that got hit on hardcore right in front of me. She tried calling attention to her boobs, She tried complimenting him, touching him, looking closely into his eyes. She was me almost a year ago.

Swiss guy: I know. I am not interested.

I told him about 'He's Just not that Into You" and how every girl my age has read it.

Swiss Guy: C'mon [Yummicoco] you don't really believe that.

No, because its not necessarily true. But his interaction with that girl was like a chapter of "He's not that into You"come to life.

I am rambling.

Anyway, at the luxury condo, standing in this Chinese guys beautifully IKEA'ed room, looking out his window- noticing a large sign for another luxury condo

Sax's Jazz Dork Friend: Since when Williamsburg's so expensive?

Fuck yeah! Major cities are becoming havens for the rich. Where will all the artists and publicists go?

That night, Sax and his Jazz Dork Friends were sharing idioms.

Sax: Beer before liquor...never sicker...

Jazz Dork: Nah, its beer after hard...

I am thinking... "hard?" Is he talking about penis?.... Men don't like women joking about vaginas but all these men keep talking about their junks.

Sax: naw he was talking about hard liquor.

Still rambling. I just can't stop.


Walked up the street tonight to BAr 4 where Sax wants to play eventually. Saw yet another luxury condo then spotted a gorgeous hideaway home gated deep in between a brownstone and an old apartment building.

Sax: Fuck, dude that looks like something from LA.

Yummicoco: Yeah, that person [who lives there] must be an architect or something.

It was beautiful and too strange for brooklyn.

At 12noon mass, a women stood up to our suck ass priest who likes to bullshit on the pulpit rather than actually explain the word of the day. He likes to ask the crowd who's birthday it is and if there are any visitors. Then he mumbles somethings and then we get up to get communion.

Lady: This is hardly the time or place to ask us who's birthday it is... It is a time to talk about the litergy....

blah blah blah- don't remember everything that she said. She had balls... even though it was highly disrespectful.

Anyway, all these thoughts circling in my head about the upcoming election in Haiti (mu uncle was featured under 'five decades of turmoil') suck ass priests because no one wants to be a priest or a nun so churches have to take what they get (not necessarily true), getting priced out of New York City, maintaining friendships while being in a relationship, and my fat ass.

Life is hard and complicated- Its not just about parties and hookups. But you know that dear reader, you don't have to read that from me.

Oh, rented the Baxter. Such a bleeding heart hipster movie which made it slightly annoying but it still spoke to me.

Damn you Micheal Showalter!

Good night. I have a spin class early tomorrow morning.


Anna said...

So much information! But sounds like you're having fun. :)

Anonymous said...

too much information or TMI. One of my many flaws

hosting a dinner party tonight: Sax, me, Dave P. and BF. I am supplying the pasta, they are bring the meat.