Thursday, February 02, 2006

Yeah, don't eat the cookie!

So I had to delete and re-post last post for fear of getting busted cuz I felt like I got busted today.

"You see, I didn't yell at you at all today"

Whoa! I think he's been reading yummicoco.

But my blog is my journal! I hate feeling censored.

Anyway, hosted my very nice and adult first-ever dinner party with Dave P., bf Kurtlan and Sax.

A gay couple and an interracial couple-- sO New York it hurts!

I served chocolate cake from Whole Foods.

We should have brought out the boardgames... instead I brought out my Jem DVD.

No one was interested in Jem.

Cats Jackie and Stella love the party too and I think they really missed them when they left.

Yummicoco to Sax this afternoon:

You've never been busted for anyway.

Sax: Nah, cuz I don't write anything down.

Yummicoco: So you're a postmodernist?

Whatever, I have no point so I will stop right there.

1 comment:

Dave said...

Dinner was fantastic. I feel like such a grownup now. Tell the cats I miss them.