Thursday, September 29, 2005

They asked for one

*I sent this scathing (sp?) e-mail to my co-workers yesterday.*

The subject header read: MANDATE:STAPLES

In order to limit confusion and to keep our office fully stocked, all Staples orders will be made only Twice a month and request are to be made via e-mail only. You will be given one full week’s notice before the order is made in order to send in your requests.

Please supply specific information when requesting an item.
*Item name, size, quantity, color
*Staples Item Number
*which client the item is for and for what purpose you need the item.
If it is a personal request for an office item write “All Clients” and proceed listing specific information.

For Example:
100 Oxford Two-Pocket White Laminated Folders. Staples Item number 905465. Press Kits

2 packs Avery 5692 CD/DVD White Laser Labels. Staples Item number 678594. New Business Proposal.

All Clients:
1 pack Precise Pens (Black) Fine Point. Staples Item Number 787904. Office needs.

If your request is not in the above format, your request will be returned to you for revision. If the item is not sold online, please include this in your Staples request e-mail so that we can make other arrangements.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you.

All the best,
Executive Assistant


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Anna said...

Sometimes, you need to give everyone a good email-lashing.

AlexisT said...

Damn. Fuck yo coworkers.