Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Once... Twice...Threeee Times An Asshole

So its almost 8pm and I am still at work.


Because I am an asshole and an assistant.

Today, I spent the whole day dealing with Staples. Getting orders from my co-workers, getting prices for items online so that I could create a list for my boss to approve. Then upon finally getting approval, I had to do all this other lame ass shit so that we could get the stuff delivered today.

Then our printers keep jamming up so guess who has to correct them?


Then, there is the aspect about this job that I am also learning about that I have NO TIME to learn about because I have all this other shit to do but I have to act like I have all the time in the world.

Yummicoco: It will get done.


So last night, I was at an event for work. Theatre people event to raise money for theatre people. So, Theatre People created a very creative event on a shoestring budget. All they had to do was get rich people to come. They came. They spent money. I ate cupcakes (SO SO GOOD! from Crumms) hors d'oeurves and mini hamburgers.

First time I felt like an asshole last night (other than going alone without a buddy) was when I accidentally signed up for a silent auction bid for the VHS and screenplay of the movie Labyrinth.

There I was alone, feeling stupid and I see Labyrinth. I loved Labyrinth growing up. Anyway, so theatre person starts talking to me...

Theatre person: Yeah, Jim Hensen. How could you not sign up?

Yummicoco: Well, I am a little hesitant... What if they make you do Charades or something?


Theatre Person: Um... CELEBRITY charades? (In a tone like... "Imbecile girl, you are not going to be asked to do anything cuz you are nothing"

So I signed up, bidding $35. At the same time I am realizing that I am flat broke and I grappled with the thought of stratching my name out but my boss was there and I was embarrassed. Instead I called Sax to set up a possible loan of the auction money.

Sax: Uh, yeah ok. You might have to start thinking about going to Englewood (parents. money)

Then at the Live Auction rich people dropped 1,500....3,000...even 7,000 dollars on crap---getting the chance to be on a movie set for a day---getting tickets to a restaurant---getting yankee tickets. Such wealth and I am pauper stuck at work when I should be home eating pizza with Sax and playing with my kitties.


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Anna said...

Okaaaaaaaaaay, comment spam.

Yummi, I feel your pain. At my company, everyone seems to think that the marketing department just sits around all day, waiting for someone to drop crappy things on us. Ugh. And about the lack-of-money pain - I too am watching myself slide deeper and deeper in debt. I need a raise.

yummicoco said...

yay! comment spam! I am all about Kimono Micro Thin now...

UPDATE: my cell phone fell down the elevator shaft at my job last night while I was looking for my office keys to lock up. Great!

I need a raise too Anna!!! The DHL guy makes $36 an hour!

Anonymous said...

$36 an hour + sexy yellow and red uniforms...I'm going to check out the webiste right now. sucks about your phone..kembe la! -cc*

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: the maintaince man found my cellphone about an hour ago.

I God Bless'ed him profusely.

God Bless You too CC*. God Bless Everyone.

I have not check the "Trojan" related site that the comment spammer sent in. Might be informative.


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