Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Best Friend Charlie

My bestest friend in the office is a calico cat named Charlie. The girls at work make fun saying that he is my boyfriend but of course he's not- we are just cool peps. He lays on all of my papers and walks all over my keyboard.

Went to a Swanky event last night sponsored in part by my job. The event was inspired by a cool movie from the Italian Neo-Realist movement in the 60s. Vespas in front of the ritzy department store, surronding a Ventian fountain and a beautiful blond Amazonian in black bustier (sp? I should know how to spell such things being francophone and all) playing in the fountain while her fashionable bodyguards protected her from equally fashionable men pretending to be paparazi.

I was drunk off lots of Champagne.

So now I am here at my computer with Charlie who is napping on all of my papers.


yummicoco said...

I am going to buy a name plate today.

Anonymous said...

did you get the name plate? -cc*

yummicoco said...

ha! this weekend. you should come with me!

Nichelle said...

I think I walked by there on Wednesday night. It was Midtown and the store was Bergdorf Goodman. I saw a fountain outside and I think I saw Paris Hilton's dad outside...Score me an invite next time. I love Italians!