Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Is it better to burn out or fade away?: I pity the fool!

I call ccstar this morning while I am still above ground on the F train. She tells me that at The Young Lawyers Meeting in New Jersey she starts talking to some guy that went to Pickle's law school. Lets call him Scratchy Balls

Scratchy Balls: Yeah, I know [Pickle]. We were in undergrad together too.

ccstar: oh, my cousin is yummicoco.

Fuck! I could not believe that she ran into this motherfucker who used to stratch his balls in front of me incessantly Sophomore year in college. I thought that he had a rash or was really dirty down there. I swore that I would never hook up with him even though he sang "Lover, You should have come over" to me one night. I did not. I also stopped talking to him all of a sudden when I decided that he was not worth me knowing.


But he wasn't the nicest guy and he had a girlfriend in New Jersey and another girl on the side too so I was right to fade away.

But he never got over it. For two years he would talk about me to my friends. Asking why I spontaneously stopped speaking to him. Why I hated him so much.

Then coincidentally he ended up going to the same law school as Pickle and became King of the Asians (he was a dork in undergrad- I know I am sounding scattered... bear with me I have a point) Again, always asking Pickle why I stopped talking to him.

So, now he has infiltrated the fam...


I have been despretely searching for new interns this semester. No one wants a free quality experience anymore. They just wanna get paid. Anyway, I was really looking forward to interviewing some girl this morning and lo and behold she came in wearing a doo rag!


Anyway, so back to my nothing of a point. One of my good friends sent an e-mail to a dude to "set the record straight". That what happened was nothing. That they are friends. I told her that she should not have done it.

But then she made the point that it is better to be heard. Much like Scratchy Balls who wanted to let me know that it was not ok to fade away.

When some dude that I was OBSESSED over last year faded faded faded into nothing, I blogged about it. I never sent him anything. I never called him. I left it alone. It took me a year to get over it.

One of my good friends: Well, I guess I am not as cool as you I guess.

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yummicoco said...

I am eating a green apple for lunch and I am wearing black aligator pumps