Monday, September 12, 2005


Sax is deathly afraid of crossing the Brooklyn Bridge on a bike. He was acting so pussy, poor thing.

Thanks, Poop! Clap your hands, say "No" was great. I said yeah a few times.

Watched When Harry Met Sally, set in New York... it was like every angle of downtown nyc pointed to the World Trade Center. Never noticed that when they existed.

At work.

Getting direct TV this week. Hallelhua!


Anonymous said...

remember when we crossed the gwb. fun times. - cc*

Anonymous said...

yeah and you almost pushed me off.

there never would have been a yummicoco.

Anonymous said...

you tripped!! -cc*

AlexisT said...

Yay for Poop! That was a fun show.

Fucking Sax, I still can't believe he called me, "Divine."

Anonymous said...

he didn't mean it that way. he was talking about your ecoutrements. he hates makeup- that's why he said that. he thinks you are cute, damnit. you are cute. you're fucking hot.