Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wanna put some pants on?

I just laid into the AC man for charging us for service on a new AC. I am still reeling from yelling at him. I was so emotional. I think it was because I watched Six Feet Under last night. My eyes are still swollen from all the crying.

That montage fucked me up. Ruth on her deathbed seeing Nate and Nathaniel, Keith shot dead, Claire with her eyes glazed over- She married the straight laced guy. Billy talking about nothing to Brenda as her body shook to death. When I read Poop's blog, I did not think that the episode was going to get me like it did.

ccstar: So funny that you were messed up about it. I was messed up for two days. My aunt (on her mom's side) was messed up about it too.

I watched with Sax who did not cry.

Sax: cuz I am a man.

So anyway, Lex left me a message that a friend of ours stepped to a prominent writer and got his number. Big Balls!

I have work to do.

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