Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I wanna crap!

So much to say but so much photocopying that I must do...

Went to DC with Sax for my cousin David's wedding. Beautiful wedding. So much fun/ so surreal going to weddings of people who are close in age to me. Weird that my friends are getting married, having babies, buying houses, passing lawyer bars and doctor boards.

Riding in my uncle's car Saturday morning in Maryland, my cousin started lightly freaking out...

Yummicoco: This is going be so much fun! The wedding will be so great. You are starting medical school next week. L is a great woman. You are getting married... moving in together... Everything will fall into place

I really believed what I said... I am a Pollyanna that way and "really innocent at heart" as Sax said after I could not guess "DILDO" playing Hangman on the Chinatown bus ride to Washington.

Then David got his suit from Men's Warehouse at Downtown Silver Spring (awesomest mall ever cuz they have Chick-fil-A!) while I got a chicken biscuit. Got back into the car, Haitian music blasting, Sax tapping to the music on my leg because he can not just listen to music without reacting to it.

David: I wanna crap!

Had the day off on Monday. Saw 40 year old Virgin. Too fucking long but any movie that ends in song always wins my heart. Steve Carell is a little bit of a hottie too.

Went to a restaurant tasting yesterday. Got pissed drunk off delicious Bloody Mangos. So drunk that I actually liked how Sax was dancing and I tried to introduce my boss to Dave while he was pissing in the restaurant shower. Long story.

Ate pizza and Grey's Papaya afterwards and went home.

Nichelle sent me this pic as a thank you.

Well, Thank you!



yummicoco said...

It was really hot in there.

Av said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun in DC/MD.
That is the best Chick-fil-A ever! I work in downtown Silver Spring, and in the year that CFA has been opened I must have had lunch there at least 30 or 40 times.

yummicoco said...


I haven't check friendster yet but I was alerted to your message.

wad up. playa!

Av said...

Ummm, I don't think I've sent you a friendster messege lately.
Unless you're cheating on me and have another Avram as your friendster.
I'm doing pretty good. What did you think of Silver Spring? I may not be working there much longer. I got an offer yesterday for a job that pays 10k more and way better benefits. All I gotta do now is pass the backround check and piss test (please work bottle of Total Eclipse that I paid $40 from GNC!!!!!) and it's mine. The good news is the new job is right by a totally awsome mall (shits on Silver Spring) that is souper huge with outlets and stuff and a 20 screen movie theatre and they also have a Chick-fil-A (sadly not as good as Silver Spring).

yummicoco said...

that's awesome!