Friday, May 06, 2005

I am stingy with words: All binge no purge

On the F this morning, train stops at Smith/9th st. A tall man with long grey hair walks in from the back of train car. He is wearing a yellowish colored suede button-down, black work pants and those big leather boots with the "o" buckles on the sides. His hair billowing in the wind like a sail, his aviator glasses protecting his eyes from the bright sun rays. I watch him as he moves to the front my train car. I think to myself "he's probably the devil".

Sax got on my nerves yesterday so I told him to fuck off. We hang out a lot together which is awesome cuz we like to do the same things but when I tell him to fuck off he best gets to stepping cuz I ain't playin.

But is it co-dependancy? Just now, I called him to help me pick out a perfect muffin at Bazzini's. Banana Nut- It was between that and the three berry muffin. I told Sax that he is slowly sucking all the life out of me.

Sax: uh, yes.

Tonight, I (ALONE) am going to hang with my friend Estelle (who is getting MARRIED in Hawaii next month) at Link for drinks.


yummicoco said...

he is annoyed that I write about him but oh well.

what book should I read next? I am almost done with my Paula Froelich book.

also listening to Bravery. kind of gay bathhouse sounding which is fun but I am glad that I didn't buy it.

Jenny said...

i was just thinking about co-dependency yesterday. it's a habit that i broke off 2 years ago. it's never healthy.

i'm reading fingersmith by sarah waters. i think i'm going to read atonement by ian mcewan next. have you read Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States?

yummicoco said...


I read a bit of Zinn in US History (HS). Fingersmith sounds sexy.

Jenny said...

Too bad i saw the BBC version of Fingersmith before reading the book (very sexy). I'm finished with Fingersmith. I've now moved to a Djuna Barnes novel, Nightwood.

yummicoco said...

can I borrow fingersmith?

Jenny said...

sure. let's meet up before the party on saturday and exchange.

yummicoco said...

ok. I can lend you buddha of suburbia if you want