Monday, May 09, 2005

Is there a girl in there?

Highlights from Mother's Day Weekend:

- got busted for being in the boys bathroom at Whole Foods yesterday evening. "Is there a girl in there?" Spend 50 bucks on nothing including some high class mayonaise. My egg salad sandwich was delish this afternoon.

- helped Mom take Tiger the cat to the vet for his annual on Saturday. Forced to put the almost 20 pounder cat into a tv box cuz he no longer fits into his kennel. It was ghetto. We duct taped the top of the box and I cut out huge holes so that he could breathe.

- saw Look at Me at the angelika while Sax fell asleep. cute.

- ate rice pudding at Rice to Riches.

- met up with Lex at the Black Door. Then we met up with Poop at a party on the corner of clinton and delancey st.

Sax: Poop is cool.

Colette: Do you think he's a mench?

Sax: yeah, sure.


AlexisT said...

I don't know what scarred me for life more:
The LES party or Poop's, friend,Crazy.

yummicoco said...

yeah he was cute and he could rhyme.

Anna said...

Is it weird that I don't actually know what a mensch is? I mean, I've heard the word before, but... ummmm... yeah.

Anonymous said...

MENSCH - n. Yiddish (MENCH) Literally, "person." A caring , decent person – man or woman – who can be trusted.