Thursday, May 26, 2005

Banana Cake. Well! Well! Well!

Had to take my replacement (she's from the other building) around the office this evening. We ended up talking to one of the law temps...

Law temp: Yeah so my friend was crowned Ms. Def American and so what like she like whatever about it (not sure what she said exactly. I just wanted to finish showing the chatty girl the rest of the floor so that I could leave early but they are friends and I hate to be rude...)

Colette: Def? Like Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons?

Law temp: What? (confused) No, like "deaf". She's deaf. She can't hear.

Colette: Oh! I'm such an idiot. I thought that you were talking about Def Jam and like Rick Rubin or something.

Law temp: No but I am sure that my friend would find that very funny.


yummicoco said...

yeah and the temp knows a three way couple (three guys) all with good jobs. They live in love together and own a business together. I have a hard enough time meeting one dude with money let alone 3 at the same time.


AlexisT said...

Wait, are all 3 guys GAY?

yummicoco said...

yeah, sounded like it.

Anna said...

I think a 3 way couple would be way too much work. Call me lazy.

Also, I think it's hilarious that you mixed up your defs. :)

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