Monday, May 16, 2005

...And it all started with Wall Street Pee- Pee Pants.

When the Pupil is Ready, the Teacher appears.
— Buddha

I am joining a cool yoga school in Chelsea on Friday.

Saw The Bravery with Knuckles Molonley at Irving Plaza last night. Fun show! Ultragrrl was right- Five O'clock Heroes is a pretty cool band- but the next best thing? I don't think so. WHERE IS THE NEXT BEST THING?! But the lead singer was hot and Knuckles M. liked his flappy Duran Duran-esque shirt. The Ordinary Boys were like snotty frat boys trapped in British tattooed bodies. Boring. They covered "KKK took my baby away" so I asked Knuckles M. what his fave Ramones song was...

Knuckles M: Commando (I thought he said "Amanda")

Colette: Oh, I don't know that song. I like "I wanna have something to do"

Knuckles M: You mean, "I wanna sniff some glue"

Colette: No! I DON'T wanna sniff glue.

Then, Knuckles M. told me about a college friend who pissed himself into a drunken sleep inside Knuckles' bathtub years ago.

Colette: Oh, last week, as I was standing on 23rd and 6th [in front of the F train] I saw a businessman (sort of looked like Ron Pearlman from Hellboy) wearing a beautiful grey silk suit. He had disheveled blond hair and these large pee stains on the front of his pants.


Sax is playing Arlene's Grocery with a band that he describes as having a "faggot-y sound" on Wednesday. Whatever its a gig. We are going to see Andrew Hill (Haitian jazz musician) on Thursday.

Going to see Kasabian (are you going, Jenny?) tonight with KKEGEL.

Can't wait for relaxation and all the stretching starting Friday.


alizinha said...

please let me know how the yoga turns out. if it's good i might join you there since it sounds like it's nearby to my work.

yummicoco said...

yeah, I'll e-mail you the link.

Anna said...

Be careful with the yoga! I took a couple of yoga classes last year, thinking it would be a good way to stretch and increase my flexibility, and ended up sweating my ass off and falling over a lot in a class full of people that made balancing on one big toe look effortless.

Of course, the yoga class I took was a "hatha yoga" one, which means they heat the room to about 90 degrees - supposedly good for your muscles to work out in heat, but I say, if I wanted to work out in a sauna, I'd do that.

yummicoco said...

no! actually that was a bikram yoga class. its 26 positions performed in 90-100 degree temperature. yeah, that can seriously damage your body because the heat forces your body to do things that its not quite ready to do yet. its popular though!

hatha yoga is basic yoga. no heated rooms. student is learned basic form and positioning.

vinyasa(?) yoga is what I like because its hatha yoga but with more of a flow into each new position.

Jenny said...

faggot-y sound? what does that sound like i wonder?

i need to take yoga again. maybe it will relax me a little. my uncle told me this weekend that i need to attend an anger management class.

i'm not attending the kasabian show tonight. i just got confirmation for the doves/mercury rev show tomorrow.

yummicoco said...

ha! you're not angry just irritated. first communions can do that.

yeah, that's how he described it. I guess the band sounds like Simply Red or something. that's pretty lame.