Monday, March 14, 2005

Titanic is being destroyed underwater

Dear reader, I am lame. I have to run to Duane Reade to remedy an accident. Happy Monday.

Saw the Basquiat exhibit with Jenny Aeki Tuesday. It was great. In the reading room, on free drawing paper, Jenny and I created a Basquiat inspired design that we eventually took pictures of upon completion. "We are such geeks" said Jenny.


Met up with KKEGEL to see Masculin/Feminine (Jean-Luc Goddard) at the Village East. Made it a double feature by staying in the theatre to watch Vera Drake (Mike Leigh----GO RENT SECRETS AND LIES!). Then we ate pierogies at Veselka on second ave. Good chocolate milkshake.

Hot Ukrainian bus boy: Veselka? It mean... (makes an oval shape with his hands) eh ah...raaainbooo.

KKEGEL: ok, I'm going to go blush some more now.


AlexisT said...

A BOYFRIEND took my COCO away!

yummicoco said...

I'm still gonna keep it gangsta