Friday, March 11, 2005

Lex has on blue eye shadow today

She text'ed me this morning from JFK on her way to Vegas. I need a vacation.

I am going to see Diary of a Mad Black Woman with my white saxaphone player. He's really sweet and weird. This is the fourth time that we are hanging out together this week. He knows all about yummicoco but knows nothing about my blog.

The other morning, while he was drying himself in my bathtub, he knelt down to put his hands in the water as it was draining then proceeded to rub some of it on his neck.

Colette: that's bathwater (gross)

Sax: yeah, I still had some soap on my neck

He's 22 from Los Angeles; he lives in Williamsburg. He says what he means and I don't seem to mind the fact that he has no money and that he owns he-man underware.

Happy Friday

oh yeah, if you are in the city go see the BASQUIAT exhibit at the Brooklyn Musuem. Did I spell museum correctly? Anyway, show's running until June 5. I'll see it 10x if you want me to. Just ask.


alizinha said...

You know that he could've googled Yummicoco and found this site, right?

But I guess that's the kind of thing a girl would do more so than a guy.

And yes the bathwater thing is gross.

AlexisT said...

OMG Be careful Coco! He prolly knows about yo blog.

I just got back from Vegas. One of the best weekends in my 24 years of livin.

yummicoco said...

no I wasn't referring to my blog or yummicoco, just pussy.

he's my boyfriend now.

bloc party's on the cover of fader. woo-hoo.