Wednesday, February 09, 2005

YEah here comes the Rooster...Yeah!!!

..And you know he ain't gonna die....

Happy Chinese New Year! It is the Year of the Rooster- supposedly the worst year to get married... According to NY1news this morning, many Asians are clamoring to get hitched ASAP on account of the rooster stigma. My question is... what's the rush? Just wait until next year. If he loves you, he will wait until the year of the sheep or goat or chicken or rat to marry you...its not like you are knocked up or anything.

What I also learned today is that French Women Don't Get Fat. They savor food using tons of spices and blah blah blah they are not really bulimic. Its true. They do eat well. They drink a lot of wine and eat small pieces of good chocolate. But they also smoke heavily instead of snack on cupcakes like I do, and they like to tart it up on the streets instead of showering daily like I also like to do... with Dr. Bronner's lavender castille soap of course. My skin has never been softer. I just bought some TEA TREE OIL and PETITGRAIN OIL to add my wonderful soap by the way.


I have been feeling like an asshole lately. I am growing close to spinster and all I do is anwser phones. Last night, there I was in my white Benetton jacket , miss sixty jeans, and my red decrepit diesel sneaks, listening to Beck's Midnite Vultues, my neck wrapped up in a fabulously ratty black wool scarf , riding on the F-train and hating my fake ass hipster lifestyle. Where am I going with this? I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL but I don't want to continue giving my life away to save the slogan. That was a spot of Bowie I threw in there just for you, lucky bitches.


AlexisT said...

Misery loves company. That's prolly why we're friends.

Dr. O loves you too.

I have that French Women Don't Get Fat book. I haven't opened it can borrow it bitch.

yummicoco said...

ha! thank you dr. O. not feeling well today so I called in sick.

I'm not miserable just ready for some change.

i hate french people.

Av said...

It makes me chuckle whenever you say riding the F-train. I'm so mature. Then I got back to answering phones and sorting mail and stop chuckling.

yummicoco said...

you sort mail too, av. wow, you're a slacker too then. awesome!

back at work. had a good cinnamon raisin bagel. was just good unfortunately nothing great.

happy val weekend. I am not going to sulk. I really just don't give a shit anymore.

alizinha said...

don't sulk--come to the pre-Valentine's party that nichelle and girlynyc are throwing at LavaGina on Sunday night.

i'm making and bringing cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

awesome. yeah I am going.


AlexisT said...

LIAM is my Valentine! I can't stop gushing...........