Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I love my white jean skirt

but its so dirty. I have to wash my clothes but I am too lazy to bring a bag over to E-Z LAUNDRY.COM so that they can wash it for me.

I have a bright red umbrella that I bought for $40 and I have a purple umbrella that I keep in my desk at work, just in case. Its raining today.

Security Guard gave me a white teddy bear holding a big red heart for Valentine's Day. I haven't thrown it into the garbage, yet.

I am reading Gigi by Colette. Still.

favorite quote from the book: Explain yourself without gestures. The moment you gesticulate you look common.

words to live by.


Carolyn said...

What do you mean express yourself without gestures? (Arms extended elbows bent hands flexed in perplexion...) That's impossible! (Throw arm up in air and *slap!* it dramatically on thigh.) Whoever said that is crazy. (Neck roll finally punctuated by extending it forward, raise hand a la "Stop! In the Name of Love," pivot and walk away, swaggering.)

You are funny.

yummicoco said...


yes! we are not robots! that was my upbringing. Damn you, propriety!