Thursday, February 17, 2005

Beauty Spot

I think it was Rodney the flippino who lent me a copy of the Uppercrust. Years ago, on headbangers' ball (RIP Riki even though you are not dead yet. what a great show!), Scott Ian Anthrax raved about them, describing them as "freaks dressed up like French revolutionaries who rock like AC/DC". That sparked my interest in them and since Rodney was trying to sleep with me, he lent me his copy. Rod serenaded me with "Lover, you should have come over" by Jeff Buckley one night in Gasson Hall at BC. If only he was cool, I thought. He was so lame. He's a lawyer now of course and probably has a girlfriend.

Anyway, I thought that The Uppercrust broke up but alas they headlining NORTHSIX tomorrow night... I am going to see them with KKEGEL. Come!!! They are awesome.

Ok, so I have a "proper" date scheduled with an upstanding citizen on Saturday night. He is pretty dry, a teacher. He wants to go into politics in a few years. I was offended when he asked me if I knew who Chuck Schumer (NY senator) was. Hope he doesn't think that I am some ditz with no money. He travelled with Dave Matthews Band (barf) last summer in an effort to register young voters. He might be nice. We'll see.

check out Uppercrust.

Let me know what you think.


AlexisT said...

Is this the same guy who has an ethnic girl fetish?

If so, pass him over to me when you're done.

Don't forget sleepover on Sunday!

yummicoco said...

the ethnic girl fetish teacher was so last fall. gross! this is a new dude that I met at Royal Oak on Saturday. My roommate and I had to make out with his friend playing spin the bottle. His friend taught kindergarten!!! He was a good kisser.

Is Bearded thug really up for the sleepover at his place? I will wear my santa pants!

AlexisT said...

I can't wait to see bearded thug! He better not playa hate. I'm going to wear my Sunday best.

Anonymous said...

um, ok

Carolyn said...

He asked you if you knew who Chuck Schumer was? What? Did you ask him if he knew who Gloria Steinem was?

The Upper Crust "the band" looks pretty cool, but if you're ever in Fredonia, NY (and frankly why aren't you?), you should check out The Upper Crust "the bakehouse." It rocks.

yummicoco said...

I love baked goods!!! I have to go running or try bulima or something. shit is getting kinda hectic.

there is also a pizza place in boston (their hometown) called the upper crust.

in my hometown, there is the crispy crust pizza which is where the sugar hill gang got their start. one of the dudes is now a garbage man for the town.

Christie said...

ya never know...he could turn out to be a real 'freak' in the bedroom. That or you could make him a "project" and turn him to the dark side.

Good luck with that. ;-)

Oh...and make sure to either video tape that sleepover and/or take lots of pictures. Too bad its not after the 24th cause i'd be in town.


Carolyn said...

Sugar Hill! The fact that they got their start in a pizza parlor makes me feel a lot better about the rib joint I'm playing on Saturday. If only I can grow up to be a garbage man!

yummicoco said...

thanks christie, but I doubt that it will happen. he's not that into us.

poop is my neighbor! I am easy to find whenever you come to town.

I love ribs carolyn. wow, you will literally be tickling that the expression?

I wanted to buy a new dress for my conservative date tomorrow night but I am so broke and bloated. I will attempt to jog before meeting KKEGEL for the uppercrust tonight.

happy weekend!

Av said...

Was he involved in spewing shit on people with DMB?
That's pretty gross.

Anonymous said...

spreading shit on people at a BMB show is pretty gangsta. I would have been impressed.

Christie said...


I will be in NY on Thursday for probably like two weeks, I'd love to meet both you and Alexis.

yummicoco said...