Monday, January 31, 2005

Or maybe Ethopian?

Friday, went to the Hammered and Sickle Cold War Party (Part II) dressed as a Russian way of Haiti, I told this one woman. "Or Ethopia", she offered...

Colette: Well, they are beautiful so I guess thanks.


I made my red and hot pink tutu out of cheap tulle fabric that I bought on my lunch break. Another party goer/ fashionista was really impressed with my creation.

Colette: Thanks. It took me like 5 minutes to make it.

She pauses. "No," she smiles "It looks like it took you... 10 minutes to make it..."

Some strange moments included a hula hoop contest that made me question whether or not I was good in bed because I sucked so bad.


Went to breakfast with KKEGEL. That night went to my friend Pascale's housewarming party in Far Rockaway, otherwise known as China. Her place was nice and large. Her blond roommate Suzanne had the hugest black scab on her cheek. Was it a wart that she accidently scraped off with a shoe? Did she accidently put out a cigarette on her face? I kept my mouth shut but my cousin finally said something about it as we were waiting for Pascale to cut the cake.

My cousin: Do you think that's a pimple?

Colette: (eyes fixed on yellow cake with chocolate frosting. cake was lightly spinkled with colorful crunchy things. I was hoping that the cake was moist. Would there be enough for seconds?) What?

My cousin: You know... on Sarandon (always use codewords) . I'm going to hell aren't I?

Finally got my period today. Sorry to announce this but last week's PMS kicked my ass. I was near death but I'm survivor.


alizinha said...

I was looking for you Saturday night, so I could give you and Lex your cupcakes.

They were my "orgasmic" chocolate cupcakes, but with mint buttercream frosting instead of chocolate buttercream. Plus I made them all silvery and shiny with this edible glitter stuff and then added extra pink or purple sprinkles to some.

Sunday day I went to see the Aztec exhibit at the Guggenheim (it rocked!) and to Cafe Sabarsky @ the Neue Galerie (yum) which I'll be writing about on Gothamist...

yummicoco said...

the cupcakes looked perfect. that cake on saturday was not very moist. sorry. until the next cupcake...

Christopher Tomlin said...

I've been enjoying the site. Hope you don't mind that I'm getting a glimpse into your life, but the writing is fresh and great. Keep up the good work.

The Medicine Show

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

I've been enjoying your comments. I hope you don't mind, but when I touch them by rubbing the screen, they are smooth and sometimes give me a little tingle. Keep up the good work.

-Knuckles Molonely

yummicoco said...

I think that you should stop abusing your computer.

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