Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Drawers are one thing, decorum is another

"Always be---Always have a bullshit detector" said the 50-something year old Danny DeVito looking biker man as I sat in the barstool next to him, eating the last bit of his chocolate mousse cake at Cheap Shots Bar. "Something smells like farts over here," said Alexis as I attempted to introduce her and the Brazillian Muse to the stinky old-timer.

The monthly WYSIWYG talent show was awesome last night. Hilarous. Jenny was great. Everyone was great. Guy Brighton was fucking hot but I would never want to fuck him because he knows that he is hot... Geez, who else was hot last night?...

1) the bartender at Cheap Shots, Stefen
2) the guy who came up to me after Jenny had it out with some loser at the bar. Too bad his polo long-sleeved shirt was tucked into his pants. His dark brown skin was beautiful.
3) the question-mark-sexuality guy at Rififi with the Empire Records flip-floppy hair-do

Question mark guy: What? Are you girls like (me, Lex and Jenny) like somekind of trinity or something?

Colette: Yeah, we are the body of Christ.

Took some dirty pictures with Lex, Jenny, and Rob. I was star photographer instructing Rob to act less giddy and to make more "I don't give a give a fuck" kind of faces as the girls simulated giving him a tandem blowjob. I wrapped my black scarf around my neck for more effect.

Lex: Who the fuck are you? Scor-- ce--fuckn'--Tarrantino--n-shit.

Oh, and the margaritas at Rififi were fucking awesome but the ones at Cheap Shots were way too strong. Went to bed at four. Oh, and a homeless lady told Jenny and I "shut up" as we rode the F-train back to brooklyn .

homeless lady: I am trying to sleep.


Jenny said...

oh damn i missed what that homeless lady said said. i wasn't even drunk. just hungry and those two slices of pizza didn't even help.

alizinha said...

good to see you and lex. can't wait to see you two again when i'll have CUPCAKES!

Av said...

Riding the F-train back to Brooklyn?
If only it was as hot as it sounds.

yummicoco said...

yeah I love cupcakes.

ha! I rode the F-train this morning too. What was so hot about it was that there were no delays and I finally got to work on time.

deep|ed said...

You asked who I am and how I reckoned your blog (at I was just doing the blogger-way of lottery: "next blog" and found your blog. That's the way. The Finibus-blog is my "things I find which don't fit in my main-blog".

yummicoco said...

cool. thanks.