Thursday, November 11, 2004

yummicoco is boring

I wanna bitch about someone and her phonyness so badly but I am afraid that she might read this. She's in love with her gay best friend anyway. I am lame.

Top Model was awesome last night. Toccara gave up and Yaya was being overly self righteous. I think its between Ann and Eva.

I am working in a new department/different building at the same company. "You're with the (two) big boys now." my boss told me. I am not allowed to talk to either big boy, however, the younger one did say hello to me as he stepped off the elevator yesterday. Supposedly, the younger one is friendly when he wants to be. But until then, if I see him bang his head against the wall by the elevators to feign frustration, I can not laugh at him or talk to him. I have to wait until he speaks to me...

Mailroom guy: That's some bullshit. I talk to him all the time in the elevator. People don't know what fuck they talkin' about.

The other day, a man came in looking to speak with one of the boys. He left a headshot and a video cassette with the security guard downstairs. Attached to the video cassette was a letter, handwritten on a sheet of loose leaf paper, that not only expressed interest in the company but also apologized for the content on the cassette...

Security Guard: Its a gay porn tape.

Strangely, it didn't seem like the security guard was going to throw out the tape anytime soon.


dissnchanted said...

Who cares if she reads it. Speak your mind you empowered female.
I was very sad that Toccara got thrown off last nite. Big grrls need recognition too. I dunno why she gave up like that, dissapointed.
Did you catch Wife Swap. Oh my God, it was great. Jimmy Kimmel even had them on his show last nite too.
Am I missing something, what/who are the "Big Boys"? I am uber confused.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, not going to talk about my beef or the big boys...

I guess Toccara just felt like she went as far as she could mentally go. Too bad so sad... I am already over it.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog more than you.