Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I missed the Gilmore Girls last night

Saw MUSE last night with KKEGEL(KK). Great show. I loved the opening band ZUTONS too. At the show, KK introduced me to her young friend, Harry (20), that she met during the CMJ festival. So sweet and polite. He looked like he was 12. I wanted to jump him.

My dad turned 76 yesterday.

I am wearing a pink sweater today.


dissnchanted said...

Gilmore Girls???? Are we regressing?? hehe
Note: Never date a guy named Harry, even if he looks like he is 12.
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yummicoco said...

I love gilmore girls!

Anonymous said...

Gilmore Girls was awesome. You missed a good one. I haven't even seen it yet (tivo) but I just know it will be. Hey, sit on it, Dean! The Zutons are great. Can I borrow your pink sweater? How's your eye zit. You really need to follow up on these stories you start. Did you pop it? Use cream? Did it go away on its own?

-Knuckles Molonely

yummicoco said...

Welcome Mr. Knuckles! Of course the zit went away. How it disappeared must remain a mystery... a girl must have her secrets.

German said...

Muse is awesome live. Saw them when they came to Edmonton (there's pictures). But did they play an encore with you guys? They didn't with us. I feel cheated.

yummicoco said...

yeah there was a short encore- about 2 songs. I will have to ask my friend kkegel for the titles. yeah I saw the pics on your blog. awesome.

kkegel went to the boston show a couple of days before and was also cheated out of an encore. I guess they wanted to save their energy for nyc. yep, cuz we are so cool.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Coco

Anonymous said...

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