Wednesday, November 03, 2004

So I am officially heartbroken...

our country is over-run by ignorant hillbillies who are homophobic and have no problem sending off their sons to war and being unemployed. I feel helpless.

Jokingly, I asked my cousin once if she thought that President Bush would send us back to Haiti or Africa for that matter if he was re-elected. We laughed. Imagine cargo ships in the New York Harbour ready to send the colored people back to where they come from. I am blowing this way out of proportion but its just a thought. But I am sure that the good people who voted for Bush in places like Kansas and Oklahoma would not mind it that much.

Eventually, New York will become a playground for the rich and paupers like me will end up having to leave this great city in order to find a more affordable life. Where will I go? I don't want to live in Delaware. What would I do in Africa? Which country would accept me for citizenship? Would I be able to work there? I answer phones for a living and I was an English major in college. Will there be air conditioning there? Can I use my cell phone? Would I be able to go to the spa for facials once a month like I like to do here at home? I like my life here.

These things most likely won't happen. I'll be over it by next week.

Anyway, I was walking down the street yesterday and I ran into the mailroom guy from my company. He called me over:

Mailroom: Yo, I feel bad...

Colette: why?

Mailroom: I was walking behind [you] and I thought to myself, who's that girl with the phat booty?

That was funny...and then practically the whole country voted for the shrub later on that night.


German said...

I'm worried too now. Now Bush doesn't have to worry about getting re-elected. So there is a very possible chance that he will invade Canada! And take all of our wheat! What the hell are we going to do without our wheat?!

yummicoco said...

I love whole wheat pasta! I hate bush.

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer a phat booty to my no-assed booty. I'm putting that on my Amazon wishlist, "I want a phat booty." Dammit mom and dad! And damn you Shrubber Bush.

Don't be heartbroken, new episodes of "The Family Guy" grow nearer.