Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Yeah its Tuesday

I voted this morning in my hometown of Englewood, NJ. Felt great. I dragged my 75 year old dad into a booth and told him, "you're voting for Kerry." but I vote Republican he kept saying. "No, Dad. Vote for change." But Bush is a good man, he said. He's senile and he watches way too much Fox News Channel. He finally made the right decision.

Last night, I took the bus into Jersey with my cousin who also lives in my hometown. First stop was at her house so that I could borrow her dad's Sweet Michey (Haitian singer) CD called Aloufa (no clue what that means but I love the music). Its one of my all time favorite albums. I owned a dubbed tape of it which my cats viciously destroyed in effigy Sunday night while I was grinding on Spiderman at Motherfucker. I think that they were jealous.


Diamond Dogs by David Bowie
Dry and Rid of Me by PJ Harvey
The Early Years by Roxy Music (I can't decide which album I love best so I have to go with the best of. I love Brian Ferry. He's so chechen)
The Adventures of Slick Rick by Slick Rick

I bought the This Island by Le Tigre over the weekend.

Best song?
The title track. Rest of the album is sort of annoying.

Best line?
In the song, "Viz", Johanna sings about checking out some girl on the dance floor then realizing "hey, you're not a dyke." No duh.

When my sister Dominique came out to me, I was 14 and we were on our way to pick up movie tickets for Waiting to Exhale. Our other two sisters were waiting for us in Englewood. "Wow, I am totally blowing your mind right now" She's now married to an African man who is a total pussy but whatever.

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