Friday, November 05, 2004

Friday and I got nothing.

On Who's the Boss this morning, Angela was having sex dreams about Tony and everyone in the house could hear her moaning and calling out his name in her sleep. Tony tried to ignore it. But when Angela realized that Tony knew about her sex dreams, she was so humilated, she decided to drown herself in virgin tequilla sunrises at some random dive bar(of course the bartender knew her slutty mother). Tony found her. They admitted to having feelings for each other but they decided to remain housekeeper/boss friends.

I have a zit forming underneath my right eye.

Good Weekend.


dissnchanted said...

HEHE, I love Mona, the slutty redhead mom, she was always my favorite. I haven't seen WTB in foreva. I miss seeing that busted blue molester van in the opening credits. :( But, I would have to say that my favorite reruns are King of Queens. Leah Remini reminds me of me sometimes and she's even fiercer in real life.
I'm actually going on an "outing" tomorrow- IN NATURE even. Going on an airboat ride with my Environmental Law Society. Hopefully I can feast my eyes on some random redneck rasslin' a gator (extra bonus points if he's sportin' a mullet).
OK, so what's your fascination with Raj? He's such a pompous little geek- tryin to kick it with anything thats got a shoo-shoo (sp?). Oh, btw, the kid in Who's the Boss has come out. He was giving commentary on a VH1 show about gays. Also on that show was noneother than Chad Allen. I was crushed, he was my heartthrob when he was on My Two Dads and Our House. Oh, well, another one bites the dust.....

Anonymous said...

whoa, chad allen. he was too pretty anyway.

raj is so swelegant in his bow-ties and pinshipes. I love him. He knows that I don't want anything serious. we have an understanding.

anyway, I love mullets rasslin gator. a red gator clutch would be so cool.

German said...

isn't that the end for every who's the boss episode? Tony gets angry or stupid, Angela screams at him, they both feel stupid, and both apoligize, all with that sexual tension going on.

yummicoco said...

yeah I couldn't even watch it this morning. I felt mondo corny.

yummicoco said...

yeah I couldn't even watch it this morning. I felt mondo corny.