Thursday, October 21, 2004

And what about Chini?

I had the best cream puff from BEARDED MAN CREAM PUFF on Broadway last night. I sucked the cream off my fingers on the corner of 8th street and Broadway without any shame whatsoever.

Bought Interpol's Antics and Muse's Absolution. I am still poor.

Went home. Watched the rest of top model with my roommate. We love Top Model. I hate Tyra. I love Tyra. I love Top Model. Its a constant battle.

Hung out with my cats, Jackie and Stella. Listened to Interpol for most of the night. All love songs. Too much Carlos D. made me sleepy. Finished my pack of cigarettes. I have officially quit smoking until the next pack.


She sat on top of my stereo and I fell fast asleep.


AlexisT said...

What the chini man? I don't get it?!?!??!

German said...

If you don't mind a total stranger commenting on your day, Muse's Absolution is an amazing CD, they are even better live. Interpol's Antics takes a while to get used to, give it a chance.

yummicoco said...

muse is cool. I am actually going to their show on nov 9th. my friend kkegel is a gigantic fan. I am excited. I love interpol but the first album is where its at.

yummicoco said...

oh yeah. chini is the finger puppet that you gave me from oregon, lex.