Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Stole Your Tongue? Didn't Happen.

I haven't written a post in days. My apologies, DEAR READER.

I never went upstate. I wanted to. I told everyone about it. The plan was to:

2)Meet girl including her current obession
3)Give the boys a little taste of my neurotic, insecure, nyc action

Didn't happen.

girl decided to come home instead. We were supposed to hang out in Brooklyn on Friday but didn't happen. I went to sleep. I slept so much that I called out sick yesterday so that I could sleep some more. I am going to see my INTERNIST on Nov 19.


I met up with SHORTY ROCK at FLORENT. Had a weak glass of wine for six bucks but the frites (french fries to you) were great. SHORTY ordered the steak frites. I had the mussels frites. I liked what she ordered better. I always like what other people order better.

We talked about boys, how I am NOT interested in taking this one particular boy's virginity and how frites are best enjoyed with mayonaise.

I was so zonked after dinner that I flagged down a MR. SOFTEE ice cream truck just to pile on the masochism, as my friend KKEGEL would say.

Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.


Not really. I think that hook ups are grand cliff-notes. A little conversation. A smile. Zero pressure. Kisses without awkward dinner conversation, hand holding without paying for movie tickets. The middle man is cut out, the action is complete and you are free for the rest of the week to lay about with your cats and swoon.

I don't really mean that but hook ups are less agrivating...

Question: Are men just as descriptive about their hook-ups as women are? I was talking about that with my roommate last week. I tell my friends everything. Moment by moment accounts including style and flaws.

Let me stop here.




Anonymous said...

i'm totally vague about my hook-ups, but that's because i'm secretive and apparantly creepy.


Anonymous said...

you are a creepster and have no hook ups to speak of. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Your friend's email = mad ebonics!



yummicoco said...

I actually find the term ebonics racist and offensive. I like using colorful language--a lot of my friends do too. fyi: the person that wrote that e-mail is not black. we are all influenced by hip hop, the language has become part of our mainstream culture... the term is only meant to separate people so don't use it. I love you, lex.

Av said...

Your friend is a FREAK!
Is that your baddest bitch?
Why no love for the virgin? Male virgins may be rare, but they still need lovin too. At least you can whatever his whatnot.

yummicoco said...

I don't want to whatever his whatnot. I don't want him knowin me that way. gross. he is a friend of the family. corny haitian guy syndrome. worst than corny french guy syndrome. too much narcissism for this lassy.

I want a real man or nothing at all.

yummicoco said...

oh yeah. my friend is my baddest bitch. she's awesome. I love her so much.