Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Shows Signs of Shopping

*This weekend, check out these nautical (booty) shorts at Zara.

Here's a shitty image of my pair:

I actually bought my in a "small" because I'm little in the middle but I got much back as Sir Mix A Lot would so eloquently say if he was in the dressing room with me. For someone like me whose hips don't lie, I was weary about the stripes but whatever, I'm going to rock them anyway. And for $39, I really don't give a shit.

**Another awesome purchase might be a paper lantern from Jonathan Adler.

Great way to add color to a room, plus it's super cheap. I still haven't figured out how to actually get a light bulb through the lantern so in the meantime it's just floating like a some meteoric orb that's now floating in lavender-colored office. My husband thinks it looks weird but I think it looks tripendicular and it's my fucking room so he can just buzz off. $7.95, dear reader.

***Lastly, this Sunday's New York Times Style Magazine has a round-up story, highlighting the perennial favorite: blue and white china. Featuring variations on the theme from notables like Brooklyn's Future Perfect and national chain Anthropologie, I actually prefer the set that I bought at Crate & Barrel which I mix and match with a few Tiffany porcelain pieces I got through my wedding registry:

Next week tip: If you're in New York City April 23rd and 24th, check out the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show at Metropolitan Pavilion. I bought a 1960 gold and green lucite Napier necklace for $90 that eventually became the essential piece in my wedding ensemble last July.

(I'm not fond of my neck in this picture so no judgments, please)

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Leanne said...

I love that china! I might just have to put that on my wedding registry on Cute necklace too!