Thursday, June 22, 2006

Yeah it was fun.

A party goer: I love yummicoco! I read it all the time.

Yummicoco: yeah, but its lame though (gave a thumbs down hand symbol)

A party goer: yeah but I still read it.


Sexy Summer Solstice went off without a hitch and then the cops squashed the fun.

p.i.n.k vodka co-hort: It wouldn't be a great party if the cops didn't bust it up!

Kind of like Adam Goldberg's assumption (in DAzed and Confused) that the first punch ensures a win -the party ended in the first round and we came out scratch free.

Jonny Lives is a gentleman and a rocker, cool cups are cool and Heartland Brewery brews a bitchin beer.

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Davey said...

the hallmark of a great party is its getting broken up by the police. Thanks for a great night CoCo!