Monday, May 15, 2006

Yo, give me a synonym for "spit"!

What does Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Jane Austen, Diane Arbus have in common? Their husbands supported their artistic pursuits and urged them to push forward.

What does my honey push me to do: add a defintion of "five on the black hand side" to Urban He suggested this to me while I was at work pretending to job work and sending out pitches for side work.

Consoled Issac Mizrahi in the elevator on our respective ways out last Friday.

A publicist never stops coddling.

Going to check out Lansing-Dreiden at the Annex tomorrow.

Check out my review Thursday on AekiTuesday.

Good night!


Anna said...

I heart Issac. He works for Target and gropes boobs!

If you're using spit as a verb, try expectorate. If you're using it as a noun, try saliva.

Is it weird that I know these off the top of my head?

yummicoco said...

we have mucenex at home which is an expectorant.

Anonymous said...

Jane Austen never married.