Thursday, May 11, 2006

shun who?

got excited for the first time by a gay man in a business meeting today. he was dapper, hot and had excellent table manners. he told us about his husband which I found interesting because I am always facinated by how each gay couple refers to their mate differently..."oh my partner"..."my husband"... "my wife"...or if they are in the closet "they" or "the person in my life"

Titles are nice, I guess.

My sister who is 9 years older than me can't understand why her friends don't like the guy that she is seeing who is a complete jackass.

I am sure that sis and jackass have not given their relationship a title.

I was a little annoyed that she called me at work to bitch about a friend that she suspects is giving her the cold shoulder because as she put it "[she] just can't understand why I go out with him... that's why I can't tell her about him.."

Yummicoco: Well did you tell her that you were hanging out with him? [on the night that she called]

sister: no, I just told her that I had company.

Yummicoco: then maybe you should think about what this guy is doing to you and why you are feeling so paranoid about something that is probably all in your head...Maybe this guy is really just not right for you

She didn't get it.

I stopped talking so that she could wrap up the conversation.

Anyway, I am bored to tears with my iPod selection and I have no idea how to access i Tunes from my office shared site.

Off to see American Dreamz!

Oh, I want to spill about an argument that I had with a Potter and I am not talking about the one who make pots- I am talking magician status. It was so funny, I laughed with Sax and gave him a high five.

But I can't divulge cuz he'll find me if he has not already.

But no one reads Yummi anyway...

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