Monday, April 17, 2006

oh shoot!:Move with me, I'll treat you right!


80 YEAR OLD MAN AT HAPPY VALLEY: Give me yo numba, I'll have dinner (makes hand signal to signify us three girls)

Yummicoco: you cook?

80 YEAR OLD: No, I am AFriKan!

Thought last night's party was going to be like going to Motherfucker again (its been so long!), filled with half naked goth girls who resemble the Suicide chicks. Instead, it was a gay infused club scene with sprinkles of freaks like the old African that kept bothering me, Lex and White Windbreaker's childhood friend.

Sax: Damn, they've got Trannies for days tonight.


I have a crippling addiction to Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate. On two packets a day, sometimes I gagged on the super chocolate-y-ness, most of the time I shake at my desk from the heavenly rush.

Getting really comfortable not blogging which is not a good "habit of the heart" so I am throwing myself back into the fire.

Stupidest thing I said on Easter Sunday:

"You know coffee is different cuz its like a drink...tea is flavor infused water"

Is it lack of exercise that is preventing blood from circulating to my head? I've heard that sex makes girls stupid and that almonds are a type of smart food.

In other news, Molly Kitty Cat was rescued and perhaps the PR team for Bar and Books got their bonus for the all the heavy media outreach.

Sopranos and Big Love were awesome on Sunday. Why is Vito still alive? Tony's throne is crumbling! And in Big Love, when is Margene going to fuck her step step son?

Sax: "Incest is hot"

Sax' dad in LA: Well I'm glad that [father in Big Love] didn't show his ass again this week.

Spent Easter in Jersey. Went to my all time favorite restaurant Friday's. Left feeling so refreshed and fat. I love Friday's!

Went to Movida on Saturday.for exactly fifteen minutes. Said hello to my friends (that Sax calls the scumbags), danced to "Just Can't get Enough" and "Daft Punk is playing at my House', gave the birthday girl a gift that I swiped from the "free bin" at my job and bounced.

It was that easy.

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White Windbreaker Boys Childhood Friend said...

Had fun at Happy Valley, hope to see ya soon!