Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Take a penny, Leave a penny

Funny thing that I have noticed lately is that there are a lot of tip jars at places you would not normally see a tip jar. Dunkin Donuts is a place that comes to mind. Specifically, the only near my job. I realized that one could not "take a penny" after trying to do so ($1.41 worth) out of the cashier's large coffee cup filled with change and singles. I did not have any money. My coffee cost $1.41... They would have had more than enough in the jar if I took a $1.41... I go in there every day... So I deserve to take some money in the spirit of loyalty and good business.

Indian Cashier Lady: You come here everyday to take our change.

I chickened out and my co-worker paid for my coffee.

Which is actually how I met Alexis. I was standing on a coffee line. No money but in the market to buy a latte. I knew something would work out for me. Either I would take from the tip jar or they would have to accept my 50 cents... but a stranger offered me money instead...and then she became my friend.

The other day I bought shoes from a new shop on 14th and 5th avenue. The dude would not take my AMEX so I had to pay him with my mastercard, knowing that I had just enough to pay my rent on that card.... I knew that Sax would bail me out and he did. Thanks.

So what about my tip jar? Why am I such a bum?

Funny, I was reading the new issue of SOMA on the F train when all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I see a homeless woman and a dirty coffee cup like two inches from my face.

homeless woman shaking coffee cup in my face: miss, hello...hi...hello...

As if that was my cue to open my bag and give her some money. She walks to the next straphanger "hello... hi... hello" while I keep my head down waiting for her to move away from me. Finally, I look up so as to check her out while her back was turned. Other than a bloodied IV needle and bandage and a hospital bracelet to match, her hair looked really good.

So anyway, now I am home alone. I watched ROME which is pretty cool even though they have white Egyptians with thick coarse braids. I love the more man-nish solider (the bald one, not the guy from Transpotting) and Marc Anthony.


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yummicoco said...

who are you fucker?get a life. I hardly have the readership you need to promote your fake sites.

do I know you from somewhere???

AlexisT said...

Colette I love you more! hhahaha Sorry I put my footsies all over your boyfriend.