Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Plan B?

Went to Plan B with Lex and friends Saturday night. Being in a relationship (a great one!), I have forgotten how to approach dudes. It was insecurity/high school/single life all over again. There we were circle dancing and I was looking around, waiting for a man to pull me over to him.

Then I saw my dream man. Olive complexion, tight novelty tee, 6 feet tall, slim, no man breasts, short hair. He took my hand and I embraced him. Then his lips grazed my neck. I thought... are we gonna make out? do I wanna make out with my dream man?

I smile asking him "what does your shirt say?" Dream man doesn't respond. He is pulling away. So I move closer...

Then he pulls away... I'm thinking "is he just trying to give me a hug? is he drunk? is he grossed out by me? don't go away!!!"

He leaves me, gets lost in the crowd. I feel dissed and insecure. its like I never had a boyfriend. There I was dejected and rejected like I had felt so many times before.


Dave said...

Whatev. Your boyfriend is way cooler than any guy at Plan B. He let me pee with you.

yummicoco said...

he was in the bathroom with us too!

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