Friday, April 15, 2005

Gotta shake it off

Colette: oh job hunting fairy, will I find a cool job that offers growth and development and that is creative and intellectually stimulating and not hellishly boring and corporate?

fairy: but of course you will, dear... all you have to do is believe. now fuck off, you are blocking my light.


-wore white cordoroys with an impotent zipper. got a free safety pin from the fabric store up the street from my job. Thanks, Aasim!

-commendeered an electrical socket at Starbucks on canal st to re-charge my phone while I waited for Sax to arrive downtown from playing with friends in Queens. Listened to OKcomputer. 'Let down' is still beautiful.

Lex's PC friend(I think Flora thought he was hot. He works in sales): Yeah these little 3rd graders in the Bronx walk around with razor blades under their tongues.

Colette: that's SO 80s



yummicoco said...

I had the best tuna sandwich this afternoon. delish! had the grossest tuna sandwich from subway on saturday in fort lee, nj.

had the best vanilla cupcake at allison's birthday party. with mocha frosting.

Anna said...

You gotta have faith, a faith, a faith, You gotta have faith!

I find George Michael can make any situation better, especially job hunting.

Good luck

yummicoco said...

I will be your father fig-ah/ put you dir-tay hand in mine... I will be your precher/ teacher/ hee!

love GM! he was always on "sex symbols" back when VH1 was just yuppie scum tv. now its hipster.