Thursday, March 24, 2005

If you get there, you better kiss me.

New cds that I bought this week from Virgin Union Sq:

Kasabian (its ok)
Brazilian Girls (its just ok)
The Pretenders- Learning to Crawl (ok, why did I buy this and not her best of...)

Thanks Knuckles Molonley for the burnt copy of Morrissey's You are the Quarry. There are some moments when I wanna say "shut the fuck up, Morrissey" but then there are other moments when I want to be one of the many that run to hug him while he is waxing loneliness on stage. I wonder if that's a form of pseudo masterbation like how award ceremonies are like that...

Anyway, also scored a copy of the Go! Team from this other guy at work who looks more Willie Wonka than a dude that would like hip- hopish dance music. Go! Team is just too much noise coming out from every direction, its distracting.

I think that I am going to run outside to buy a cookie. Peanut Butter.

Why are good guys so boring? Why am I so boring?

UPDATE: bought three cookies. they were good.

Greatest teen films of all time: (not a final list but its a start)

-Bring it On
-Drive me Crazy
-Valley Girl
-Pretty in Pink
-House Party
-Heathers (thanks Brazilian Muse!)
-Some Kind of Wonderful


alizinha said...

don't forget "Heathers".

good guys are boring? do you mean the new BF?

yummicoco said...

Just added it. Thanks.

no! my BF is cool and he's always nice to me which is something new that I am trying to get used to. Its funny that its weird to have a guy that is nice to you.

Anna said...

Um, hello, CenterStage! And 16 Candles! And Breakfast Club! Mean Girls might make the cut, too!

I'm slightly obsessed with teen movies, hence all the exclamation marks.

yummicoco said...

-CenterStage!!! priceless

-Girls just wanna have fun. (sarah jessica is 40 today. doesn't that seem old?)

(!) shows passion. I love passion. Where is passion?

AlexisT said...


Lloyd Dobbler 4eva.

Av said...

Is it just me or is Sarah Parker getting younger instead of older?

yummicoco said...

"I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen" I love you Lloyd Dobbler 4 eva.

Sarah J P has gotten great nose jobs over the years which has helped her to look good. this is according to awful plastic surgery of course.

For me its a toss up between brow lift or a breast lift. Either one would happen once I reach a certain age like 30 or something.

Av said...

Say Anything I guess was a good movie, but also the cause of major problems today.
I call it the "Lloyd Dobbler Effect".
That movie (and others, mainly John Cusack, but not always) gave young guys (today's young adults) the idea that with enough patience, determination, and sensitivity, they will be able to get the girl of their dreams.
To bad reality doesn't work like this. That movie warped the perceptions of a whole generation of men.
Also, a lot of women these days complain about guys being too sensitive, or not manly enough or whatever. All a consequence of the brainwashing done to us by Say Anything.
It's just a fact that there is no amount of boombox holding that can win the true love for most "dreamgirls". The sooner we can come to grips with this truth, the sooner we can have more realistic romantic expectations.

yummicoco said...

Av, that's brilliant. I was sort of taking about that with this girl on saturday... maybe we do expect our men to be like Lloyd.

but who's to say that diane court did not drop the Dob's ass once she started interacting with her hot Brit classmates? What if she turned to lesbianism or got heavily into the London rave scene? High on mushrooms and meth, she disappeared and started hooking in Amsterdam? I am just saying that maybe they did not stay together.