Monday, March 28, 2005

I am a big fat cow

I am wating for my period to come and I can't stop eating the world. I ate a whole pint of Fossil Fuel by Ben and Jerry's last night while watching Donnie Brasco. Al Pacino's best performance ever, I think.

Got Bloc Party but wanted Louis XV1(I love the album cover of the naked girl. its cool.).
Not classic like Turn on the Bright Lights, Interpol. A couple of the songs are too manufactured sounding a la Killers which I find disheartening.

Went to mass for both Good Friday and Easter. Did not spend any of the holiday with family.

Interviewed with a PR firm this morning. My stockings damp from the rain. I had frizzies! I'd miss my current job if I worked there even though its more money so I'm still looking.

My boyfriend comes back from LA this week. He lent me Post Office by Charles Bukowski. Henry Chinaski is a cross between film noir and a comic book like Billy Bob Thorton.

Chinaski: All right. Keep your pussy. Its not all that great.

Makes me like my boyfriend even more.


Av said...

How is it that when I saw Bloc Party with you I was able to buy a ticket at the door, but for the DC show, it sold out same day?

yummicoco said...

one of life's great mysteries.

Samantha said...

You'll like Buk. Synchronistic... I think you're fascinating.

yummicoco said...

thanks Samantha!

I believe more in coincidence than synchronisity.

how are your dates coming along?

any words of wisdom?

Av said...

Wait a sec, what's this talk about mass and Easter and whatnot?
You told me that you are Jewish.
Did you just tell me that as part of some ruse, possibly with the intentions of scoring with me?
You know that telling people you are Jewish makes baby Jesus cry.

yummicoco said...

Jesus was a Jew.

I don't need to lie about my religion to score. :-p