Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Japanese Dig Emmanuelle Alt & There's a Child On The Runway At Chanel: Paris Fashion Week Continues

Wearing the exact same outfit as his adult counterpart (a white tweed coat, blue jeans and stompy boots) a little boy werks it at Chanel. Too bad the looks are kinda snore-y. {Grazia}
Every season, for more than a decade, the number of photographers snapping incoming models and editors outside Paris Fashion Week show sites has continued to balloon in size.

Some editors have discovered they are becoming famous in Asia because of such publications, or at least their feet are, since many photographers only take pictures of their shoes. {NY Times}

And just who, among the European editors, is most sought after by the Japanese?
“Emmanuelle Alt,” said Shoko Sakai, of the fashion director of French Vogue. “She’s so cute!”

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