Friday, February 10, 2006

Let me put it to you this way...

Which is the opening praise I hear a lot from the people that I pester and harass for other people. I heard it just now from a radio personality that I had no idea was as hot shit as she made herself seem over the phone.

This morning, I read in yesterday's Daily that at the Heatherette show, a publicist went up to an editor and said "I will buy your seat for $500" for a client that wanted to sit in the front row.

Would I do that?

At last night's show for a newcomer, I stood in the front watching the pretty sticks walk by in functional clothing that was not that inspiring.

Cool moments?

Clear tape protruding from a Slavic stick with a flat flat-top pulling up her strapless dress that was falling. No nipples revealed which was fine because the tape was so much more intriging.

Water bottles for dehydrated editors---because fashion week is so hard and stressful!, York peppermint patties and York hot chocolates, magazines, stupid fashion lookbooks and fashion show guides. I grabbed pads of paper from MAC and Oil Sheen from Panteen that I will never use but took because it was free.

Spotting... now his name escapes me-- the guy from Top Model who once described a Top Model's style as "liquid orgasm". The latino version of Steven Cojouru from ET on MTV and I think I spotted the short fat black woman from Everybody Loves Raymond. Can you sense my sarcasm?!

Anyway, it was fun and short and free like me so I can't complain. I was home by 10:30 and in bed by 12.

Happy Friday!


AlexisT said...

Remember when we stole 189243 tubes of Kiehl's lip gloss at the Page Six party?


Anonymous said...

Can I get a witness!!!

Dave said...

I think his name is Jay something

Anonymous said...

Nole Marin!