Saturday, February 18, 2006

I gotta download his music...

Greetings from Garden State Plaza!

I am blogging direct from the Apple Store, steadily kicking it Jersey Style.

Argued with Sax over the English language at Royal Cliffs Diner then played Mortal Combat in the lobby.

Took the bus into Jersey last night after having had very filling Chinese with Lex at Sammy on 6th ave.

As my dad pulled into the mall parking lot to drop us off, Sax started to tell me about his messy over 40 year old friend who's ex-girlfriend once described him as a "bear with furniture".

Yummicoco: yeah like you.

Anyway, got to run to Sam Goody (store's closing for good :-o) before my dad meets us at Banana Republic to take us home.

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