Saturday, January 21, 2006

Shiny Shiny Shiny Boots of Leather

Getting ready to go to the lung doctor to check my lung function this Saturday morning. All the drugs from last week really fucked me up. Not too mention stress! Stress finding a job. Stress


Stella the cat just threw my iPod on the floor. She looked at me blankly as I picked it up. She hates iPods I guess.

Anyway, so as I was fighting back the tears on my way to my internist yesterday on the uptown 1 train, thinking about how much I hate my job- I realized that what I hated most was the climb not so much the job. I know that I am going to have to fight this year to get promoted, get more clients or find a higher position someone else. I was crying out of frustration- beat up from the floor up from the rat race. Its time for me to grow some bigger balls.

In other news, I need your advice, Dear Reader. Two weeks ago, a girl was fired from my job. Just yesterday, I was asked to get office keys back from her. She hates me. She most likely hates my boss's guts from being humilated and rejected. She probably never wants to step foot in our building or see any of us ever again. Think I'll ever get those office keys back? Let's see what happens.

I remember once advising someone to pee on the keys of an ex-boyfriend's then throw them in the East River.

But if I am asked to do something, I will do it. If a client or boss says "jump", I will say "how high". If a client's clothing, music or artwork sucks balls, I will promote it, wear it, listen to it, convince people that its the shit. Why? Because I am hungry and I want to get ahead. I got cats and a saxaphone player to feed.

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