Monday, June 20, 2005

Ms Baker said 'What's Poppin"

Went to the Delancey yesterday around 6pm for my roommate's birthday. These rock stars (aspiring of course) served up free barbeque upstairs. Tips only. My burger was good. The grill caught on fire. This dude Shek hid behind my neighbor Stephen.

Around 8pm, the goths started to arrive. One man wrapped himself up in a rug and told all the girls to walk on him. I did. 3 times until Sax pulled me off.

Sax: You are really disturbing me right now.

I offered the masochist (or is it sado masochist?) a twix bar from the free bar spread. He kindly declined.

There was a fetish photographer at the bar presenting his work. There was one shot of just a vagina wrapped in fishnets sprinkling urine over a toliet.

Fetish guy: Yeah, that's Amber.

Colette: Whoa, how did you get IT to sprinkle like that.

Fetish guy: Well, when you got kids to feed, you'll do anything for the most perfect shot.

Colette: Oh, ok

Sax: So, Amber... is she like... what a HAND model is? you know?


-come into work on time.
-eat my green vegetables
-be nice to everyone I meet.


Jenny said...

how was the show?

i can't believe it's gay pride week. i have yet to do anything.

AlexisT said...


Jenny said...

haha.. well pucker up and get ready for round 2.

Av said...

DC had PRIDE week 2 weeks ago.
The best part was when I was at a bar Sat night and all these lesbians were dancing with each other. Then like 6 of them started making out right on the dance floor. It's not like they were even that cute or anything, but I still had to put my drink down and stand up to get a better view.
Gay pride rocks!

Jenny said...

for some reason i always end up celebrating canada day rather than going to ny pride events. i'm not even canadian but i'll be there to see the new pornographers, stars and those candian twin sisters (tegan and sara of course) this weekend.

jon said...

Surfing some of the gay lesbian blogs today I stumbled onto your blog. I liked it! Thanks for the posts...

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