Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Paper Cuts

So I answer phones at a major film company. This is just a stepping stone to something bigger, better, perhaps something that involves filing and making photo copies, maybe something involving film. I feel like I am insulting my intelligence, my family and my ego by eating this crap humble pie.

Anyway, behind my desk is a shelf where I keep office supplies like band-aids, tylenol and packing tape. People come around my desk asking for these supplies. People will ask me questions like "So Colette, what do you recommend, tylenol or advil?" And my heart swells because I feel like I am being acknowledged as a human being. A woman just came by for a band-aid. She comes behind my desk and heads for the band-aids. I push my chair up to give her more space. I am too polite.

"Oh, just filling up on my usual, Colette" she says. Her back is turned to me as she looks for a bandage. Her black H&M polyester pauncho brushes up against my arm.

"oh, a paper cut" I try to be social. I try to be the light at the front desk.

"you know it." she fakes a laugh. I am sure she hates corporate kindess/phonyness just as much as I do.


AlexisT said...

You finally cave in and revealed a public blog!


Can you please do a post on Corporate Asses like the flat asses of white girls who sit on office chairs all day.

yummicoco said...

I think my ass is getting flatter. either I am losing weight or my corporate chair is premanently destroying my beautiful posterior.

yummicoco said...

corporate flat asses have nothing to do with white girls. we are all victims