Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Kind person:
What are you going to be for Halloween?

Ya mutha.

I would never say that.

I have no idea what to be for Halloween. A nun? A cavewoman? A nerd. I have a shitty black wig that is ten years old and I am too cheap to buy a new one. So basically, whatever character I choose must required long black hair.

Last year, I was a 80s hair metal groupie. Long black hair, biker shorts and a black busiter. I also walked around with an Aquanet hairspray can and a sign that read "every rose has its thorn" for authenticity. No one got it.

Random Man on the street:
I'm sorry. I'm stumped. What are you supposed to be?

An 80s rock groupie. See my sign?


I am hesitant to go to the Motherfucker party on sunday because I am a silly girl and I need to stay home and read a book.


Anonymous said...

You don't have to spend $ to have a good costume. I'm creating my from scratch.....I'm going to be "swing states" this year.

yummicoco said...

I know. I am still trying to figure it out.

swing states is hella awesome idea.

my roommate is going to the motherfucker party dressed as carrie (as in the horror movie) and her best friend, our neighbor, is going as edward scissorhands...its a play on kerry/edwards. get it? they thought it was funny.

Av said...

Nerds are pretty sweet, but you'd have to go overboard with that one. So many of today's hipsters look like nerds in their everyday outfits.
Cavewoman would be hot, make sure you don't shave your legs.
If I go out with my friends, I'm thinking about getting blue overalls, red shirt, red hat, plunger, mushrooms, and of course "green leaf" to help me fly.
Or I might go to a party I was invited to by some girl I recently met and just wear the same Av-iator hotfit I wore last year.

yummicoco said...

av, red hat? red plunger? it sounded like you were describing super mario bros costume.

you should read this awesome halloween article from writer's named neil pollack. its called scary helmet man. I'll post the link shortly.

yummicoco said...

awesome article by neil pollack. he's awkward. he's funny. he's a scary helmet man every halloween. check it out:

Av said...

Scary helmet sounds even better than Super Mario (who wants to score with a plumber? [wait, maybe princesses would]).
Maybe if I had a can of Mushroom soup I can be Souper Mario. Everybody loves soup!

yummicoco said...

is that where souper comes from. I was wondering?

Av said...

The origins of SouperAvram could make a great story.... if it involved a lot of artistic liscense (exageration and a whole lot of just plain lying).
The real story is a lot more boring.
I needed a new IM name (my parents knew my IM name and would bug me when I was drunk or high) so a friend suggested SuperAvram.
It was already taken (what are the odds?).
I like soup, hence SouperAvram.
Since then I have incorperated it into a few costumes (although this year I just did the Av-iator), and I think it's just way funnier to say souper than super.
Soup is yummy.

Anonymous said...

soup is good. but sandwiches are good too. as far full course meals. cool origin though.

hope you had an awesome halloween.

jiri said...

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